A computer science graduate and a self-taught artist with a passion for everything that lies between tech and art. Tech art is about problem solving and path finding for the team and this is where I shine. With my programming background and knowledge in game arts, I can provide a unique perspective and support for artists, designers and programmers.

My whole life I loved learning new things and exploring different topics and by doing that, I became really flexible when it comes to learning and adapting to new tools and technologies. I can't hold myself from learning new things and tech art seems the right fit for me because this is how I operate. I love solving problems, being creative and connecting ideas from all over the place. I'm very experimental and I love to challenge myself every single day.

I believe that video games are more than just having fun in your spare time, for me it's more like an experience. You can experience a story, travel to places you won't find in real life or hangout with your friends in a very unique way. For these reasons, I knew I wanted to contribute to this creative industry and work with the most talented people.
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