Witch It
"Witch It" is a multiplayer hide & seek game set in a vibrant, magical world. Brave hunters seek hidden witches that curse their villages!
Technical Art
Unreal Engine | Blender | Substance Designer | Houdini | Python
Water Shader
A stylized water shader inspired by a lot of games like Rime and Sea of thieves.
Unreal Engine 5
SD Animate Plugin
A Substance Designer plugin that can be used to generate variants of the same texture or create a series of textures to be used in flipbooks/spritesheets.
Tools | Plugin
Python | PySide | Substance Designer
Arcane Inspired Stylized Smoke
A stylized smoke inspired by League of Legends Netflix series (Arcane).
Houdini | Unreal Engine (Niagara) | Substance Designer
Fire Meteor AOE
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Houdini | Unreal Engine (Niagara) | Substance Designer
Dark Orb
A corrupted orb.
Houdini | Unreal Engine (Niagara) | Substance Designer
Tech Art Test
A technical art test for the mobile team in a AAA studio. The focus was on shaders, lighting, optimization and project organization.
Shaders | Lighting | Optimization
Python Tools
A collection of tools to improve the game development workflow and assist designers and artists by automating tasks and managing workflows.
Python | Unreal Engine | Houdini