Working fulltime as a Technical Artist on Witch It. My focus is around VFX, Shaders, Tools, Rigging/Skinning and Optimization.
● Creating Realtime Effects and Particle Systems
● Creating Shaders & Materials
● Python Tools and Addons for Unreal & Blender
● Vfx conversion from cascade to niagara + Replacement in maps Tools
● Optimization and Scalability for Niagara effects
● FluidNinja Sims for flipbooks generation
● Rigging and Skinning for characters in Blender
● Troubleshooting rendering issues
● Documenting workflows and tools
Work I've Done
Here are some of the things I did for Witch It! Some stuff are still not released so I'll be updating this page as we go.
A Stylized Waterfall including Foam, Water Fog, Splashes, Depth Blending and Refraction.
Rigging and Skinning
- Custom Rigs for character hats
- Skinning and Weight Painting for new skins
- Physics assets for physics simulation
Blender Addon
- Import/Export Skins
- Skinning tools to improve and speed up the process
- Auto Normalizing when setting multiple vertices
- Renaming and project organization
Spider Swarm
- Spider Movement using Vertex Animation from the Shader (which is cheaper than creating a rig and animating the spider legs)
VFX and Abilities
Recreated some of the old character abilities in Niagara and played a bit with the style.
Luaq Souls
The main idea behind this effect is using splines to create a path for the particles traverse.
To be continued...
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